It was founded in 1600 in a place called Old Town, 2 miles from present day Ojojona. Its name comes from the Mexican term ‘joxone’ and from the Lenca ‘oxorxona’, which means ‘greenish water’, and later became Ojojona.

By the year 1791 this was the main town for the former Curato County and in the 1889 political division of the country it had already become part of the Sabanagrande County. Its church started being built in 1803 and in 1814 the church of El Carmen was constructed, under the supervision of the parish priest, Rafael Zelaya. Ladislao Valladares, the designer of the Coat of Arms of Honduras, was born here.

General Information

This picturesque place is located just 20 miles from Tegucigalpa and it’s probably the archetype of a rural community in colonial Honduras. Located in a small valley and surrounded by abundant pine trees, it offers colonial style architecture, with adobe houses painted in white, with a construction material called made from lime, red roofs, and cobblestone streets. Its people are known for their friendliness and will make you feel comfortable.

Every January 20 this lovely town celebrates its patron saint, Saint Sebastian. Its abundant clay and wood crafts, which has become better each time, have made it famous, thanks to local efforts.

It is importance to notice that despite its small size, there are three Catholic churches in the downtown area, all of which date back to colonial times, so in 1996, the National Congress declared the Ojojona downtown area as a National Monument. By the year 2000 its population was of 9,036 inhabitants with a 2.12% yearly growth.

It is in this place that we end our route with the Mototrial Tours. There is a particular store in which our tourists receive a discount in the buying of clay souvenirs, so we suggest that you ask us where to find it as you travel with JCTours.

How do I get to Ojojona?

You may reach Ojojona by land from Tegucigalpa by taking the paved road that leads you to the Southern Area of the country. As you reach the 16th mile take the detour to the right which takes you to Santa Ana and Ojojona. It’s just 4 miles away from the main highway.

You may do the roundtrip to Ojojona on the same day and spend the night in comfortable hotel in Tegucigalpa. If you decide to travel with us we ask that you check the different tour options in the capital city that include a visit to this charming town.

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