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Valle de Ángeles

General Information

Valle de Angeles is 17 miles from Tegucigalpa and has an enviable weather, with fields full of pine trees and liquidambar and a commercial area with crafts from all Honduras and the rest of Central America. Concerning crafts, the area specializes in the confection of hand-carved wood trunks and other wood products.

On April 1, 1862, Friar Juan de Jesus Zepeda changed the name of this picturesque town from ‘‘La Marranera’’ to Valle de Angeles, even though other say that it was called ‘‘Cimarron’’. By 1865 it had become an independent county.

The charms of Valle de Angeles include the pine forests that surround the town, its traditional foods, the narrow old house lined streets, and the Crafts Commercial Center. Since it is a short distance away from Tegucigalpa it is the ideal place to do souvenir shopping or to eat a delicious lunch in one of its picturesque restaurants or simply get away from the tiring city routine. Just 2 miles away from the park you find two small national parks, El Obrero Park and Campo Scout, which are visited by ‘capitalinos’ (people from the capital city) on the weekends.

One of the most interesting places is Lesanddra Leather, a local leather product factory where export goods are produced. The central square is small but nice and depending on the season different trees blossom. The church is colonial in origin but it has had many internal alterations and the colonial wealth it once had is gone. There is a museum and an art gallery, both of them being a short distance from the park and a Cultural Center right in front of it.

There are many restaurants in the zone but one of the most popular ones because of its prices and hygiene is ‘‘Manolo’’, right in front of the park. Owned by Manolo, a Spaniard who prepares a delicious Honduran barbecue that is accompanied by refried red beans and corn tortillas.

To buy souvenirs or artisan furniture we recommend that you buy at the ANAH pavilions (National Artisans Association of Honduras) since it has a great variety of products. Here you may use your Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club International credit cards.

Making a tour of Valle de Angeles is a must, so just contact us or check the tour itineraries programmed for Honduras in this webpage.

How do I get to Valle de Angeles?

You can go to Valle de Angeles by land from Tegucigalpa on the paved road that goes to San Juancito and Cantarranas. You can take a bus in front of Hospital San Felipe. It is possible to come and go to Valle de Angeles on the same day from the capital city so you can spend the night in a comfortable hotel here. If you wish to travel with us you may want to see the tour options in Tegucigalpa that can include a visit to this historical place. In case this option is not what you desire to get in touch with us so we can prepare something else according to your wants. Remember, Valle de Angeles is the ideal place to buy your souvenirs and breathe fresh air.

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