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General Information

Yuscaran is located 42 miles from Tegucigalpa and it is the capital city of the Department of El Paraiso. In the past it was a mining emporium (during the XVIII and XIX centuries); documents dating back to the 1800s assure that San Jose de Yuscaran, as it is also known, was founded in 1730, when the first rich mineral discoveries were made in what they called ‘‘Quemazones and Guayabillas’’. Thanks to the importance of these discoveries and because of the great amount of minerals that could be extracted from the ores the Spaniards quickly settled the area that is now known as Yuscaran. By the year 1869 the Department of El Paraiso was created, so the town became the Department’s capital city. Nevertheless this decision was revoked on September 13, 1872 but in 1874 the city went back to being the government’s headquarters.

In 1979 Yuscaran was declared a National Monument. The name is derived from a Mexican language meaning ‘place of the house of flowers. Because of its topographical setting the streets are irregularly shaped and create a unique urban landscape. There are 200 antique houses in town and the mines’ entrances can still be seen and the mining facilities may be visited, even though they have been abandoned and now only let us know about the wealth the area had, wealth that was first exploited by the Spanish and later by the North Americans.

To the southwest of the city you can see Monserrat Hill, a Biological Reserve and from which valuable pure water descends. This value has to do with the making of a particular alcoholic beverage known as Yuscaran but also known by Hondurans as ‘guaro’.

There are two annual fairs to honor its patron saints, the first one is celebrated to honor Saint John the Baptist on June 24. The second one takes place from December 7 thru 12 to honor the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.

It is important to know that this place has one of the few liquor factories that is representative of the traditions of the catrachos and produces a distinctive mango variety that bears the town’s name.

How do I get to Yuscaran?

You may arrive in Yuscaran by land from Tegucigalpa on a paved road that goes to the Nicaraguan border by taking a detour into a secondary road, highway 93. This is the same road that passes through the famous Zamorano Agricultural University. There are buses that travel several times a day from Tegucigalpa to Yuscaran.

It is possible to go to Yuscaran and return on the same day so you may spend the night in a comfortable hotel in Tegucigalpa. In case you decide to travel with us you may want to see the tour options in the capital city that can include a visit to this lovely town. If your desires are different get in touch with us and you’ll grant us the opportunity to prepare whatever you wish. Remember, the picturesque and historical town of Yuscaran awaits you.

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