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About Us

JC Tours is a wholesale travel company, based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. It was founded in 2004, initially it was born as a in bound tourism company offering services to Honduras, later it was expanded by opening the outbound department to serve the local market.

Currently it has offices in Tegucigalpa Honduras and an administrative office in the United States of America. The company offers travel packages to multiple locations around the world, operates guided tours as well as incentive trips in and out of Honduras.


We will be leader company in the supply of tourism services in the Honduran market, always providing satisfaction, security, and commitment to our customers.   

Mission Statement

We are an innovating company, which provides sales added value without changes in the prices of our products, or tourism services. We always look for the total satisfaction of our costumers, granting them the best offers from our packages and tourismg services so they keep on preferring our company.

a fingerprint that never eraser


We would like to share you, a variety of recordings, which are full of adventures and unique experiences. Let us present close and far away destinations, ideal for your visit.

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Featured Hotels

Managua, Nicaragua
Camino a Masachapa, Playa Montelimar
Cancun, Mexico
Indura Resort
Tela, Honduras
Desarrollo Turistico Bahia de Tela, Carretera de Acceso a Tornabe, Tela
las vegas, United States
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S

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