Tegucigalpa and its history Tegucigalpa has its beginnings 438 years ago, with the arrival of spanish colonizers, who were looking for precious minerals to be exploited and brought to Spain. It is currently the head of the department of Francisco Morazán, one of the 18 departments of Honduras and the capital of the country. It was founded as a city on September 29, 1578. Tegucigalpa began to form as a mining town, its main center was where the old presidential house is currently located,  in the historic center of the city.  The Capital is composed of 2 twin cities, Tegucigalpa... Read more

Roatan Bay Islands Honduras

July 30, 2019 | By: JC Tours
It is the largest island of the islet archipelago, (which are: Roatán, Guanaja, Utila, José Santos Guardiola and the smaller islands of Morat, Santa Elena, Barbareta and 65 small cayes). All of the make up the department of Islas de la Bahia. Located on the coasts of the Honduran Caribbean, in front of the departments of Atlantida and Colon. This island has the most developed tourist activity of all of them and is the one that provides the most varied range of services in tourism. It was discovered by Cristobal Colon on Oct 30rd of 1502,  and he declared it property of the... Read more
Copán Ruinas History and Data The Mayan Ruins of Copán are located in the western region of Honduras, over a small valley near the border with the Republic of Guatemala, within the department of Copán, one of the 18 departments of Honduras. The Mayan Ruins were discovered by Mr. Diego García de Palacios. In a letter addressed to the King of Spain, Felipe II, written in Guatemala on March 8, 1576, says: “Near here on the road to San Pedro Sula, in the first town, within the province of Honduras and called Copán , there are certain ruins and vestiges... Read more


August 23, 2019 | By: JC Tours
History and Data of Tela Tela was founded by the Spanish Captain Cristóbal de Olid with the name of Triunfo de la Cruz, on May 3, 1524, sent by Hernán Cortés to colonize Honduras, Captain Cristóbal de Olid left Veracruz Mexico. In 1526 it was attached to the Villa de Trujillo. At the end of the 19th century, Tela became the headquarters of several banana companies that brought the accelerated progress to this city. The natural wealth of Tela can be enjoyed in three distinct areas: the Punta Sal National Park, the Punta Izopo Wildlife Refuge and the Lancetilla Botanical... Read more

Comayagua, The First Capital of Honduras

August 23, 2019 | By: JC Tours
History and General Information Santa María de La Nueva Valladolid de Comayagua, or simply Comayagua, was founded by order of the Yucatan advance, Don Francisco de Montejo, who recommends his captain Don Alonso de Cáceres to found a town in a place that was equidistant from the two oceans and between Guatemala and León, Nicaragua. Thus, on December 8, 1537, on behalf of the King of Spain, Carlos I and María Santísima de la Concepción took possession of the north side of the city. King Felipe II gives him the title of city in 1557. His strategic position... Read more
History and General Information Trujillo was founded on May 18, 1525 and discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502, on his fourth and last trip. This was the first continental land discovered in America. On this site the first mass was celebrated on continental land more than 500 years ago, being offered by a priest of the Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church. Trujillo became one of the first capitals of the new world, with an important economic activity, which attracted English pirates to the area. The Fortress of Santa Barbara, of which there are remains, was built to protect Spanish heritage... Read more

Santa Lucia - Honduras

August 24, 2019 | By: JC Tours
General information Santa Lucia is one of the oldest municipalities in Honduras, its first settlers were indigenous and baptized this place with the name of "Surcagua" which means "Place of Frogs" in Spanish. According to records, there is information about this place dating back to 1500 AD, this picturesque site has been known in our modern history for the exploitation of its rich silver mines and for its main religious image “The Christ Lord of the Mercedes of Santa Lucia ”, this being a gift from the King of Spain Felipe II, on January 15, 1572, arriving at... Read more

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